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Florida Rx Card Saving Floridians Money on Prescription Meds

The Florida Rx Card is a free statewide initiative with no program restrictions plus no refusals and everyone is invited to participate. The program requires NO enrollment/application, age or income requirements, waiting periods, eligibility required, exclusions, claim forms to file, annual or lifetime maximums/limits, covers pre-existing conditions, includes discounts on brand and generic medications, open formulary so all medications are eligible for discounts.

The Florida Rx Card program is vital for the flu season because it helps save residents money on non-covered medications such as tamiflu.

Easy patient prescription fulfillment using "at once" pre-activated cards generated electronically on the floridarxcard.com website, sent as e-mail cards or by using the hard cards provided to you at clinics, hospitals, and physicians throughout Florida.

As high as 75%+ discounts provided by the card with the overall average program discounts reaching 30%.

The Florida Rx Card program is accepted at over 50,000 major pharmacies nationwide.

The Florida Rx card and our entire program of plans open a new window of opportunity for residents of Florida. The card helps in controlling their health and financial well being while meeting their needs in these tough economic times. There are savings galore to aid in stretching their income with substantial discounts on prescription drugs, vision (including $25.00 eyeglasses), hearing and diabetic supplies, dental and much more.

Since the Florida Rx Card's inception four years ago, Floridian's have saved over $14 million on prescription drugs.